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2 Ways Our Team Will Deliver Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Outdoor Storage Sheds MAIt is vital that you understand your options for delivery because if you need it assembled on-site, we do not want to start building it at our location. Regardless if you are in need of a horse barn or outdoor storage sheds in MA, the team at Chapin Sheds offers two ways of delivery. Determine which one is better for you below.

Fully Assembled

If you have chosen your shed to be delivered fully assembled, then our team will need a clear path at least 2 feet wider than the dimensions of your shed to maneuver it into position. Our team can place your new shed into tight locations.

Assembled On-Site

If we are unable to transport your shed to the position you have selected, the team at Chapin Sheds will build it on-site. We will bring all the materials needed to complete the job.

Before our team delivers your fully-assembled shed or builds it on-site, you will need to prepare the site by digging up the grass and filling the area with crushed stone. If you are unable to prepare the site, our team can handle it for you.

For additional information about our processes regarding outdoor storage sheds in MA, give us a call at (781) 447-4700 today and speak with one of our team members.

Family Gatherings That are Better When Celebrated Outdoors

Outdoor Patio Furniture Massachusetts Creating an outdoor space for entertaining is an excellent way to use your backyard. Everyone’s style is a little different, and at Chapin Sheds, we have a diverse inventory of outdoor patio furniture in Massachusetts. If you are considering upgrading your outdoor space with new patio furniture, check out the types of family gatherings below that you could host.

Graduations- High school graduations might be over, but some college graduations take place at the end of the summer. Honor the college graduate in your family with a backyard celebration that the entire family can attend.

Birthdays- For all those family members that have summer birthdays, you can plan an outdoor party everyone will enjoy. Setting up a separate area for cake and presents is a must, but so is having a space for sitting. Your guests will be grateful for your new outdoor patio furniture.

Reunions- With everyone’s busy schedules, it can be almost impossible to see all of your family members. Plan a family reunion in your backyard this summer and catch up with all of your relatives.

The most important part of creating an outdoor space in your backyard is enjoying it with the people you care about the most. From celebrating a friend’s birthday to catching up with relatives, you should enjoy even minute of your backyard space. Call our team at (781) 447-4700 to learn more about our outdoor patio furniture inventory.

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Garden Storage MAGetting your yard ready for summer can be hard work, but we are here to offer you some simple suggestions that will go a long way to increase the curb appeal.

Replace Your Mailbox- Since your mailbox is close to the road, many people see it without realizing it. Something as simple as upgrading your mailbox can really improve your yard’s appearance.

New Flowers- Enhance your landscaping with new flowers, mulch, and greenery. You could even add fresh flowers and mulch around your new mailbox for an even more noticeable change.

Garden Storage- With all of this future yard work, you need a place to keep all of your gardening supplies and tools. Our team can build a custom shed for all of your garden supplies. Depending on the size of building you are looking for, you can place other items with your garden storage in MA.

At Chapin Sheds, our team might not be able to help you with yard work, but we can build a custom shed for garden storage or other uses. Do not wait until summer is over to enjoy some extra storage space. Receive an estimate for a custom shed by calling (781) 447-4700 right now.

How to Help Your Horse Get Acclimated to a Barn

Horse Barn MAIf you are getting a horse barn in MA for the first time, then your horses might be a little hesitant to use it. At Chapin Sheds, we can build a horse barn to your exact specifications, whether you need a run-in barn or lean-to shed. Our team can even add a tack and storage room for all of your riding equipment and feed. Check out a couple of ways you can help your horse get acclimated to the new barn below.


Feeding your horses in the new barn will help them feel more comfortable about being in an enclosure. Some horses take to entering the barn easier than others. If one of your horses has difficulty being loaded into your trailer, then you might have to work with this horse to get them comfortable with entering the building.


You should not rush your horses into the new horse barn before they are ready because you or your horses could be injured in the process. When the time comes, your horses will be comfortable going in and out on their own, especially when they need to get out of the rain or heat this summer.

When you are in need of a custom horse barn in MA, give our team at Chapin Sheds a call at (781) 447-4700 right now.