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3 Simple Steps to Owning a Custom Storage Shed

Expanding space can be difficult in a home without building a new room addition. Fortunately, you can have a custom storage shed built for your backyard. You can store a variety of things in it to give you additional room in your house or garage. Learn about our process of building custom sheds below.

Meet with Chapin Sheds

Whether you want to schedule a specific time to meet with our team or you just want to stop by our location, we will be happy to discuss your options for sheds.

Decide on Layout & Customize Features

Once you have chosen the type of shed, whether you want a traditional or classic style, then you can decide on the layout. From picking window placement to the number of doors, you can choose every part. For the outside, you can customize the color, trim, and siding.


Conveniently, we can deliver the shed fully assembled or we can build it on-site if we are unable to reach the location with a completed shed.

We look forward to building custom storage sheds for our customers. Please give us a call right now at (781) 447-4700 if you have any questions about our shed-building process.

Why Should You Purchase Assembled Storage Sheds

Are you considering building a shed in your backyard because you need additional space? There are many advantages to having an outdoor shed, but you do not have to build it yourself. Fortunately, Chapin Sheds can deliver assembled storage sheds directly to your home or wherever you need the extra space.Assembled Storage Sheds

Save Time

When you build something yourself, you need time to gather all of the right materials and then even more time to actually complete the project. Don’t waste your weekends building a shed when the team at Chapin Sheds can deliver one.

Less Risk

Building a shed can be dangerous with all the tools that are needed. Many things could go wrong with ladders and tools, which means there is a high risk of injury. However, when you hire the experienced team at Chapin Sheds, we will handle everything for you.

Simple Process

The process is simple because all you have to do is tell us the type of outdoor shed you want and we will build it for you. You can customize every inch of the shed to your exact needs. We will either deliver the shed assembled or we will build it on-site.

Dial (781) 447-4700 for assembled storage sheds.

3 Reasons Why We are the Best Shed Company

Homeowners are always looking for creative ways to store items around the house and in the garage. Now you can free up some space by placing items in a custom shed from Chapin Sheds in Whitman, MA. Discover three reasons why we are known as the best shed company in Massachusetts below.Best Shed Company

We Put Customers First

From helping you decide the dimensions of your new shed to providing you with different delivery options, we will take care of everything for you. The entire process is seamless and stress-free for our clients because we believe that’s how it should be for our customers.

Custom Sheds

By working directly with each customer, we are able to design and create the ideal shed for your particular needs. From picking the color, layout, siding, and trim, you can decide exactly how your shed will look and function for you.

Durable Materials

All of our sheds are made in the United States of America. Our team only uses high-quality materials to build custom storage sheds for our customers.

Enlist help from the best shed company, Chapin Sheds, by calling our office at (781) 447-4700 for additional information. Let’s get started today, so you can start enjoying your storage shed sooner.

Create the Perfect Summer Hangout in Your Backyard

Pool House MASummer is about creating memories with friends and family while spending as much time outside as possible. One way to get your children and their friends outside is to create the perfect hangout space in your backyard.

Outdoor Games- Create a family hangout area with some fun outdoor games everyone can play. Whether you are keeping track of the score or just playing for fun, you will be sure to have the best time playing games in your backyard.

Outdoor Lighting- Strategically adding lighting to your backyard will create a fun and inviting atmosphere for backyard conversations. You can place lighting all throughout the yard, so everyone can play games and enjoy the cool summer air all night long.

Pool House- Having a place for guests to change is just one of the many reasons why you need a pool house. You can also store cleaning supplies out of the way and when you need to clean the pool, everything is close. You won’t have to take multiple trips to the house or garage.

From hanging outdoor lights to having a custom pool house in MA, your backyard will be the place to hang out this summer. Call the team at Chapin Sheds at (781) 447-4700 to discuss the must-have features in your pool house.