How to Help Your Horse Get Acclimated to a Barn

Horse Barn MAIf you are getting a horse barn in MA for the first time, then your horses might be a little hesitant to use it. At Chapin Sheds, we can build a horse barn to your exact specifications, whether you need a run-in barn or lean-to shed. Our team can even add a tack and storage room for all of your riding equipment and feed. Check out a couple of ways you can help your horse get acclimated to the new barn below.


Feeding your horses in the new barn will help them feel more comfortable about being in an enclosure. Some horses take to entering the barn easier than others. If one of your horses has difficulty being loaded into your trailer, then you might have to work with this horse to get them comfortable with entering the building.


You should not rush your horses into the new horse barn before they are ready because you or your horses could be injured in the process. When the time comes, your horses will be comfortable going in and out on their own, especially when they need to get out of the rain or heat this summer.

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