Lean-to VS. Run-in Horse Barns

Horse Barn MAHorse barns are an excellent choice for livestock owners because these buildings can protect your animals from the weather including the heat in the summer and severe storms.  Here at Chapin Sheds, we build custom horse barns for our clients in Massachusetts. Determine whether you want a lean-to or run-in shed for your horses below.

Lean-to Horse Barn- This type of horse barn in MA is handy because it can protect your animals from the heat during the summer by providing shade in an open pasture.  A lean-to structure can also shelter your horse when it starts to rain. Many horse owners choose this type of accommodation to be placed in pastures.

Run-in Horse Barn- If you are looking for a horse barn in MA that you can have individual stalls built in, you should consider a run-in horse barn. We can customize it to be a large building where multiple horses can run in when seeking shelter or horses can have individual stalls.

The team at Chapin Sheds will discuss the design options and our ability to customize each building to your exact needs. For additional information about these two types of horse barns, you can give us a call at (781) 447-4700 right now.