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Create the Perfect Summer Hangout in Your Backyard

Pool House MASummer is about creating memories with friends and family while spending as much time outside as possible. One way to get your children and their friends outside is to create the perfect hangout space in your backyard.

Outdoor Games- Create a family hangout area with some fun outdoor games everyone can play. Whether you are keeping track of the score or just playing for fun, you will be sure to have the best time playing games in your backyard.

Outdoor Lighting- Strategically adding lighting to your backyard will create a fun and inviting atmosphere for backyard conversations. You can place lighting all throughout the yard, so everyone can play games and enjoy the cool summer air all night long.

Pool House- Having a place for guests to change is just one of the many reasons why you need a pool house. You can also store cleaning supplies out of the way and when you need to clean the pool, everything is close. You won’t have to take multiple trips to the house or garage.

From hanging outdoor lights to having a custom pool house in MA, your backyard will be the place to hang out this summer. Call the team at Chapin Sheds at (781) 447-4700 to discuss the must-have features in your pool house.

Splash into Summer with a New Pool House in MA

Pool House MAIf you have a pool in your backyard, it is a great way to stay cool during the summer months and you can have family and friends over for gatherings. Adding a pool house to your backyard can improve the functionality for people who use your pool. Discover a couple of reasons below you need to have a pool house in MA.

Hold Your Pool Supplies- When it comes to cleaning the pool, there are a lot of products that you need to store somewhere. Why not store these products in close proximity to the pool instead of hauling it from the garage every time you need to clean the pool? You can store everything you need for the pool in a pool house. You can also place all of the pool toys and floats in the pool house, so your family and friends do not have to go far when they want to grab an item.

Changing Room for Guests- Let us create a space or area within your pool house for guests to change their clothes and keep their belongings. By having an additional room, your guests will not have to track water all through your home.

Our team can design the inside of your pool house to showcase certain features including storage and a changing room. Call us at (781) 447-4700 for information on pricing and sizing.