Things You Need to Know Before Buying Assembled Storage Sheds

Assembled Storage ShedsAt Chapin Sheds, we are known for building high-quality, durable sheds for our customers. Many people might not be aware that we do have a supply of assembled storage sheds on our lot that you can pick from for your backyard. Learn more about the process for buying an assembled shed with us below.

Delivery Process

Even though the shed is already assembled, we are not able to deliver it that same day. The reason for the delay in delivery is that you need some time to prepare the site where you want to place the storage shed. The preparation process is simple enough that anyone can do it if you have the time or let our crew take care of it for you. The grass must be removed and filled in with crushed stone, so water can drain away from your building. You can even lay an edge to prevent any rocks from washing away too, but it is not required.

Time Frame

Our in-stock assembled storage sheds will be ready for delivery within two weeks of the day you purchased it.

Wide Variation

Our selection varies in colors, styles, and size, so you should stop by and check out our current inventory of assembled storage sheds.

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