Quality Built Horse Barns in Southeastern MA

Regardless of how many horses you have, their safety and care are your top priority which is why we offer a variety of horse barns throughout Massachusetts.

Lean-To Horse And Shed Row Barns

Protect your prized equines from all the elements including rain, snow, and the sun with one of our lean-to horse barns. These horse barns are typically built with a large front overhang that your horses can stand underneath to get out of the weather. The stalls stay dry and provide plenty of room for each horse to be comfortable when standing or laying down. Our team can even customize these horse barns by adding a tack or storage room at one or both ends.

Run-In Shed

With the run-in custom sheds in MA, horses have protection from the weather, with or without individual stalls. These particular horse barns are ideal for pastured horses or breeding stock because it creates shade when the sun is shining and shelter when it starts to rain.

Contact our team to learn about unique features, modern colors, and trim that you can choose for your horse barn in MA. The team at Chapin Sheds can also build custom outdoor storage sheds in MA.