How We Deliver

At Chapin Sheds we can deliver your new shed Fully Assembled or Bring in pieces and Assemble On-Site.

Fully Assembled

Our MULE allows our crew to deliver your new shed without driving a loaded truck and trailer over the lawn and into your precious backyard. This greatly reduces lawn damage and allows Sheds to be placed in very tight positions.

Here's how it works:

  • We unload your shed on the street or in your driveway.
  • The driver places two dolly flotation tires under one end of the building.
  • The Mule forklift supports the other end of the building.
  • The driver is now able to maneuver the structure directly to your prepared site.

*** We need to have a level path with clearance of approx. 2′ more than the width of the shed, for example if you order a 10×16 shed we would need approx. 12′ wide opening to get the shed through.

Assembled On-Site

When unable to access your location with a fully assembled shed. No Worries, Chapin Sheds has a team of highly qualified and fully insured builders that can build your shed on site for an additional fee.