Site Prep

Once you have decided to purchase a shed for your backyard, you will need to prepare the spot accordingly, so our team can deliver your fully-assembled or assemble it on-site.

The team at Chapin Sheds can recommend professional preparation services to get the site in your backyard ready for your new shed. Prices vary depending on the size and location of your chosen site.  Please Click here for our Recommended Partners


Do-It-Yourself by following these guidelines

  • Dig out the grass 3" - 5" and create a level area 12" larger on each side, larger than the size of your structure.
  • Fill in the area with 3/4" clean crushed stone to allow for the water to drain away from your building. Make sure you level the pad.
  • A 4x4 pressure-treated edge may be helpful to eliminate the stone from washing away but is not required.

Click Here for Detailed Instructions on How to Install Your Stone Pad

What should I do to prepare my yard?

It is vital to make sure our team has enough room to deliver your new shed to the right location. The delivery team must have at least 3 feet of working area on each side depending on the width of your new structure.

You will need to remove any obstructions from the projected path. Please note there must not be any tree branches, shrubs, fences, or utility lines that would prohibit our access for the delivery of your shed.

Contact us today with any questions regarding how to prepare the site for a new structure.

Machine Leveling Rocks for a Shed Base