3 Simple Steps to Owning a Custom Storage Shed

Expanding space can be difficult in a home without building a new room addition. Fortunately, you can have a custom storage shed built for your backyard. You can store a variety of things in it to give you additional room in your house or garage. Learn about our process of building custom sheds below.

Meet with Chapin Sheds

Whether you want to schedule a specific time to meet with our team or you just want to stop by our location, we will be happy to discuss your options for sheds.

Decide on Layout & Customize Features

Once you have chosen the type of shed, whether you want a traditional or classic style, then you can decide on the layout. From picking window placement to the number of doors, you can choose every part. For the outside, you can customize the color, trim, and siding.


Conveniently, we can deliver the shed fully assembled or we can build it on-site if we are unable to reach the location with a completed shed.

We look forward to building custom storage sheds for our customers. Please give us a call right now at (781) 447-4700 if you have any questions about our shed-building process.